Command format

All SCLI commands use the following format:

Operating system Command format
Linux scli [--mdm_ip <IP>] --<cmd_name>
VMware scli [--mdm_ip <IP>] --<cmd_name>
Windows scli [--mdm_ip <IP>] --<cmd_name>
Xen siocli [--mdm_ip <IP>] --<cmd_name>


  • --mdm_ip <IP>

    is one or more IP addresses of the servers running the Master MDM and Slave. In a non-clustered environment, use the MDM IP address.

    If the CLI does not reside on the MDM, the --mdm_ip parameter must be added to every CLI command.

  • --<cmd_name>

    Is the command to be executed.


scli --mdm_ip, --query_all

Additional rules:

  • All parameters are preceded by --
  • The order of the parameters in the command is insignificant.
  • SCLI commands are lowercase and case-sensitive.


The mdm_ip parameter indicates the MDM designated to receive and execute the command. If the command is run from the Master MDM, this switch may be omitted.


scli --query_all

To avoid using the --mdm_ip parameter in every command, or avoid having to install the CLI on other servers, use SSH or RDM to log in to the shell running on the management server.

You cannot execute SCLI commands on the Slave MDM. However, you can send a command from the Slave MDM by adding the --mdm_ip parameter with the Master MDM IP address to the command.