Dell EMC PowerFlex Appliance Architecture Overview

This document describes the high-level design of the PowerFlex appliance. It also describes the hardware and software components included in each PowerFlex appliance.

The target audience for this document includes customers, sales engineers, field consultants, and advanced services specialists who want to deploy a virtualized infrastructure using PowerFlex appliance.

References to PowerFlex Manager in this document apply only if you have a licensed version of PowerFlex Manager. For more information, contact Dell EMC Sales.

PowerFlex Manager provides the management and orchestration functionality for a PowerFlex appliance.

Dell EMC PowerFlex appliance was previously known as Dell EMC VxFlex appliance. Similarly, Dell EMC PowerFlex Manager was previously known as Dell EMC VxFlex Manager, and Dell EMC PowerFlex was previously known as Dell EMC VxFlex OS. References in the documentation will be updated over time.

See the Glossary for terms, definitions, and acronyms.