Dell EMC VxFlex Appliance Administration Guide

This guide describes information for administering the VxFlex appliance.

The topics include:
  • Administering the operating system, network, and storage
  • Managing components with VxFlex Manager
  • Monitoring system health
  • Monitoring and alerting using Secure Remote Services
  • Configuring SNMP trap and syslog forwarding
  • Backing up and restoring
  • Managing VxFlex appliance passwords
  • Powering on and off

This guide relies heavily on existing documentation to avoid repeating it. The VxFlex Manager online help is referenced frequently. You should be familiar with the VxFlex Manager online help.

This guide also provides links to other documentation on common administrative tasks for VxFlex OS, Dell EMCVxFlex integrated rack, and VMware vSphere Web Client.