VxBlock Central simplified upgrade

VxBlock Central supports a simplified upgrade process for single-site environments. It does not apply to multisite environments. MSM initiates and runs the upgrade on each of the Core VMs and MSP VMs.

After the upgrade process begins:
  • Do not add any VxBlock Central Core nodes to MSM VMs.
  • Do not join any additional MSM VMs to an MSM cluster.
Perform the following high-level steps for a VxBlock Central simplified upgrade on a single-site cluster with a single MSM VM:
  1. Collect the custom display names if the system is single MSM.
  2. Take a snapshot of the VMs.
  3. Configure the VM to use the NTP server.

    Ensure you have your MSP VM IP address and VxBlock Central Core root passwords.

  4. Upgrade a single MSM VM to run the VxBlock Central upgrade script from MSM.
  5. Retype the custom display names.