Download VxBlock Central upgrade files

To upgrade VxBlock Central, download the required files to upgrade the Core VM, MSM VM, and the MSP VM to the latest software version.

Before you begin

Obtain access to the Download center to download files.


  1. Download the VxBlock-Central_core_upgrade-<buildnumber>.vce file for the Core VM and copy to the /root directory on the Core VM.
  2. Download the VxBlock-Central_msm_upgrade-<buildnumber>.vce file for the MSM VM and copy to the /root directory on the MSM VM.
  3. Download the ZIP files with the latest version of the compliance content. From VxBlock Central version 1.0 onward, the RCM content and technical content are combined together as one file. Download the .tar file to use the VxBlock Central simplified upgrade.
  4. Download the VxBlock-Central_msp_upgrade-<buildnumber>.vce file for the MSP VM upgrade.