VxBlock Central simplified upgrade

VxBlock Central supports a simplified upgrade process for single-site environments. It does not apply to multisite enviroments. The upgrade is initiated from MSM and MSM in turn runs the upgrade on each of the Core VMs and MSP VMs.

After the upgrade process begins:
  • Do not add any VxBlock Central Core nodes to MSM VMs.
  • Do not join any additional MSM VMs to an MSM cluster.
Perform the following are high-level steps for a VxBlock Central simplified upgrade on a single-site cluster with a single MSM VM:
  1. Collect the custom display names to collect custom display properties if the system is single MSM.
  2. Take a snapshot of the VMs to take a snapshot of the VMs.
  3. Configure the VM to use the NTP server to configure the NTP server.

    Ensure you have your MSP VM IP address and VxBlock Central Core root passwords.

  4. Upgrade a single MSM VM to run the VxBlock Central upgrade script from MSM.
  5. Retype the custom display names to reenter customer display names.