Post-upgrade steps

Follow these steps if they are not complete already or if you are upgrading from Vision Software. See the online help and the appropriate Administration Guide to complete these steps.


  1. Follow the Administration Guide for your VxBlock System to complete the following steps:
    1. Register with Secure Remote Services (SRS).
    2. Configure components for real-time alerts.
  2. Follow the online help guide to complete the following steps:
    1. Create alert profiles.
    2. Configure SMTP to receive email notification for real-time alerts.
    3. Configure SNMP to forward traps to any other NMS server or SNMP trap receiver.
    4. Download the latest compliance policy from the Dell EMC Download Center.
    5. Set RCM profile and risk base profile for each of the systems to run compliance against the specified base profile.
    6. Set compliance scan schedule (default schedule is set to every Monday at 2:00 AM GMT).
    7. Set up URLs for workflow configuration, VMware vRealize Orchestration, and VMware vRealize Operations instances.
    8. Configure AD settings and configure roles.