Dell EMC VxFlex Integrated Rack Security Configuration Guide

This guide provides a set of security best practices to enhance security for the VxFlex integrated rack environment.

The intended audience for this guide includes those who are planning, implementing, administering, or auditing security controls in a VxFlex integrated rack environment. The primary audience is technical, but the document addresses the needs of a range of security program professionals.

You should have a reasonable understanding of the VxFlex integrated rack architecture, particularly the management infrastructure. See the Dell EMC VxFlex Integrated Rack Architecture Overview for more information.

Dell EMC provides other assistance that might be useful in assisting with security or compliance-related issues, such as:
  • VxFlex integrated rack guidance for addressing multi-tenant concerns
  • Protection of management interfaces with enhanced separation of duties, identification, authorization, auditing, and access control
  • Integrating common security technologies with VxFlex integrated rack
  • Guidance related to specific compliance frameworks and outcomes (for example, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and so forth)
  • Guidance related to advanced cloud solutions

Dell EMC VxFlex integrated rack was previously known as Dell EMC VxRack FLEX. Similarly, Dell EMC VxFlex OS was previously known as Dell EMC ScaleIO. References in the documentation will be updated over time.

References to VxFlex Manager in this document apply only if you have a licensed version of VxFlex Manager. For more information, contact Dell EMC Sales.

VxFlex Manager provides the management and orchestration functionality for VxFlex integrated systems. If your system uses Vision Intelligent Operations software, work with your Dell EMC sales team to obtain a VxFlex Manager license.

See the Glossary for terms, definitions, and acronyms.