Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations Version 3.6 Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on becoming a Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations user. Now that the deployment and installation process is complete and your system is up and running, we encourage you to use this guide to get acquainted with your VCE System using Vision software.

Why a Quick Start Guide?

This guide is intended to make you aware of Vision software and its capabilities. Vision is management software that is built for converged systems. It comes shipped with your VCE System and provides capabilities that are unique to converged infrastructure and the VCE System experience and lifecycle. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the Vision software by going through a series of tasks that people in your position are commonly required to perform. This guide highlights the key features of Vision software and walks you through some typical system administrative and monitoring tasks.

We have provided two different approaches for this guide. Choose whichever fits your style.

  • Self Exploration — Follow this approach if you like to explore on your own. We provide a list of the tasks you are likely to perform. Use this list as a guide to assist in the exploration of the software and the VCE Systems in your data center. If you need assistance, you can always refer to the Guided Tour section.

  • Guided Tour — Follow this approach if you prefer step-by-step instructions when working with a new system. The Guided Tour section provides step-by-step instructions for how to perform each of the recommended tasks.

Plan for 30 minutes minimum to get a basic understanding of the topics.

Vision software includes an extensive set of documentation, including a thorough Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations Administration Guide. Refer to the product documentation and the online help for more detailed information.