Updating Storage Data Client (SDC) parameters on VMware ESXi SDC hosts

Before starting the upgrade, you must ensure you update the SDC parameters for all VMware ESXi SDC hosts to ensure MDM-SDC communication.


  1. From the Production VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA), select Home > EMC ScaleIO and select Update SDC Parameters.
  2. Select all hosts that require the update and enter the password.
    Note: Click Show password to ensure you have input the password correctly.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Click Finish when complete.
  5. Ensure that the SDC parameters were updated by running the following command on each ESXi:
    cat /etc/vmware/esx.conf |grep scini |grep -i mdm
    The sio_data1 and sio_data2 IP addresses for all MDMs should be listed.
    Note: If virtual IP addresses are being used, only the two virtual IP addresses will be listed in the scini section.