Downloading RCM files

Follow this procedure to download the files and update the D: drive to contain the files for the applicable RCM.

About this task

This procedure references VxFlex OS filenames and filepaths. Substitute instances of xxxx and x.x.x.x with the VxFlex OS version applicable to the RCM.


  1. Save the current VxFlex OS packages by copying the D:\RCM\ScaleIO folder to D:\ScaleIOCurrent. These current packages will be used by the Installation Manager during the installation of VxFlex OS.
  2. On the D: drive, delete the D:\RCM folder to delete the old RCM files and make room for the new files. 60 GB of space is required on the D: drive.
  3. Create a new folder named D:\RCM.
  4. Log on to Flexera and download the RCM files to the D:\RCM folder. The goal is to re-create the RCM directory structure similar to the previous directory. Use the following illustration as an example.
  5. In the D:\RCM\ScaleIO directory, extract the file, where x.x.x.x corresponds to the applicable VxFlex OS version, for example This creates a single folder called ScaleIO_x.x.x.x_Complete_Software_Download.
  6. Change directory to D:\RCM\ScaleIO\ScaleIO_x.x.x.x_Complete_Software_Download.
  7. Copy the following files back to the D:\RCM\ScaleIO folder:

  8. Change directory back to D:\RCM\ScaleIO and extract each of the above four zip files.
  9. Delete the D:\RCM\ScaleIO\ScaleIO_x.x.x.x_Complete_Software_Download folder and the D:\RCM\ScaleIO\ file, as they are no longer needed.
  10. Create a folder named D:\Pluginxxxx.
  11. Change directory to D:\RCM\ScaleIO\ScaleIO_x.x.x.x_Complete_VMware_SW_Download\ScaleIO_x.x.x.x_vSphere_Plugin_Download
  12. Extract
  13. Copy the following files to D:\Pluginxxxx:
    • .keystore