Estimate upgrade time

Review the following considerations to ensure that you provide adequate scheduled maintenance windows to complete the upgrade.

Use the following table to calculate the time to upgrade the software and firmware on each component. If the VxBlock System that you are upgrading does not have a specific component in the table, skip that component.

  • For cluster configurations, include both the primary and the subordinate components in the calculated time for the component.
  • Plan your upgrade maintenance windows according to your environment. Do not upgrade all hosts at the same time. Retain an adequate number of hosts in a connected state to reduce impact to production traffic.
  • For each upgrade task, record the total estimated upgrade time in the Your Calculated Time column of the following table.
The estimates do not include the time for preparation, configuration, backup, and download. Estimated times are may differ depending on applications running on your VxBlock System.
Order Component Minimum upgrade time (minutes) Restart Required Your Calculated Time
1 VMware vCSA 45 No
2 VMware vCSA with VMware vCHA 60 No
3 VMware ESXi hosts 35 per host Yes
4 VMs hardware version and VMware Tools 10 Yes