Install the VMware Enhanced Authentication plug-in

Install the VMware Enhanced Authentication plug-in.

About this task

See the instructions on installing the VMware Enhanced Authentication Plug in the VMware document:


  1. Connect to the Element Manager using a Remote Desktop connection.
  2. Log in using local administrator credentials.
  3. Open the vSphere HTML5 client by entering https://<fqdn-vCenter>/ui in a browser.
  4. At the bottom of the vSphere HTML5 Client login page, click Download Enhanced Authentication Plug-in.
  5. If the browser blocks the installation by issuing certificate errors or running a pop-up blocker, follow the browser help instructions to resolve the problem.
  6. Save the plug-in to your computer and run it.
  7. Step through the installation wizard for both the VMware Enhanced Authentication plug-in service and the VMware Plug-in Service, which are run in succession.
  8. When the installations are complete, restart your browser.