Verify VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi advanced settings

Verify that the NFS settings are configured for optimal Converged System performance.

In VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7, the number of outstanding I/O requests with competing parameters is limited to the Max Queue Depth of a device. Depending on the storage array, the system may require a change to the Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding (DSNRO) on ESXi.

See the Configuring advanced settings section of the Administration Guide for your Converged System.

The vStorage APIs for array integration (VAAI) primitives are enabled by default upon the initial installation of VMware vSphere ESXi. They should remain set to their current value (enabled or disabled) for all VMware ESXi hosts, except for the following conditions:
  • If there is a specific customer or vendor reason for disabling primitives
  • If there is a recall of a primitive based on outstanding issues in related software releases
Parameter name XtremIO Unity VMAX or PowerMax
FC Adapter Policy IO Throttle Count 1024 MB (No action needed, value set in UCS) 256 MB (default) 256 MB (default)
fnic_max_qdepth 128 MB 32 MB (default) 32 MB (default)
Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding 128 MB (vSphere 6.5) 32 MB (default) 32 MB (default)
Disk.SchedQuantum 64 MB 8 MB (default) 8 MB (default)
Disk.DiskMaxIOSize 4 MB 32 MB (default) 32 MB (default)
XCOPY 4 MB 16 MB 240 MB
vCenter Concurrent Clones 8 per X-Brick (up to 48 MB)
NOTE: Customers who upgrade and have existing VMAX claim rules can continue to use VMW_VAAIP_SYMM.