Verify the required VMQ connection configuration settings

Verify that the VMQ policies exist. If not, create them using the steps in this procedure.


  1. In the UCSM Navigation pane, click LAN.
  2. Expand LAN > Policies.
  3. Expand the node for the organization where you want to create the policy.
  4. If the system does not include multitenancy, expand the root node.
  5. Right-click the VMQ Connection Policies node and select Create VMQ Connection Policy.
  6. In the Create VMQ Connection Policy dialog box, complete the following fields:
    • Name field: The VMQ connection policy name
    • Number of VMQs: 16 (The number of VMQs per adapter must be one more than the maximum number of VM NICs)
    • Number of Interrupts: 34 (The number of CPU threads or logical processors available in the server)
  7. Click OK.