Review Cisco UCS settings

Review and verify that the Ethernet Adapter policy and Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) connection policies are configured in the Cisco UCS Manager using standard practices. Verify that the service profiles are updated. Create VMQ policies and apply them to the Ethernet adapters.

About this task

Verify that the policies exist and values are set as described in this procedure. If they do not exist, create them using the steps in this procedure. The steps apply only to a VxBlock System with a Cisco UCS Ethernet Adapter Policy for compute Cisco UCS B-Series blades running VMware ESXi. A service-profile that is associated with the respective compute blades uses the policy.


  1. From the UCS Manager GUI, click Servers. Go to Policies > root > Adapter Policies.
  2. Select Add a new Ethernet Adapter Policy to provide a name and description (for example: VMQ-Default).
  3. Under Resources, enter the following settings:
    • Transmit Queues = 8 (The number of transmit queue resources to allocate.)
    • Receive Queues = 4 (The number of receive queue resources to allocate.)
    • Completion Queues = 12 (The number of completion queue resources to allocate. In general, allocate the number of completion queue resources equal to the number of transmit queue resources plus the number of receive queue resources.)
    • Interrupts = 14
  4. Under Options, select Enabled for Receive Side Scaling (RSS). All other values remain as default.