Revision history

Date Document revision Description of changes
March 2020 3
  • Removed the option to manually configure the switch ports on the server facing ports for the new VxFlex nodes from the Expansion prerequisites topic.
  • Added an additional optional step to configure SNMP for nodes and switches to the Create a credential topic.
March 2020 2
  • Added the Verify the alert connector status topic.
  • Added the Reconfiguring MDM roles topic.
  • Added the Expansion prerequisites topic.
  • Added a section on Managing the virtual appliance and included the following topics in the section:
    • Configuring SNMP
    • Configuring syslog forwarding
    • Importing Active Directory users
  • Updated the Enter and exit service mode topic to include two more scenarios where VxFlex Manager does not allow a node to enter service mode.
  • Updated the Monitor resources topic to support the addition of Dell EMC Networking OS10.
  • Updated the Services deployed outside of VxFlex Manager topic to add information about network switches.
  • Updated the following topics to support the new operator role:
    • Edit service information
    • Add a service deployed outside of VxFlex Manager
  • Updated the View a compliance report topic to list what is displayed for each service type.
  • Updated the following topics with an additional prerequisite step around configuring up bound links:
    • Define a network
    • Add a network to a service
  • Updated the Remove a service topic to ensure users check that residual components are manually checked after a service is deleted.
  • Updated the Ensure the availability of network IP addresses topic to specify IP address requirements for each VxFlex node type.
  • Updated the Update the VxFlex Manager virtual appliance using Secure Remote Services to include information about how to reconfigure alerting after an upgrade.
January 2020 1 Initial release of the document