Dell EMC AMP-VX Product Guide

This guide describes the high-level design, including hardware and software components of the Dell EMCAMP-VX management solution and instructions for managing AMP-VX after installation.

This guide describes all the features and components supported on AMP-VX. Some features or components documented in this guide may not be required to manage your Converged System.

The target audience for this guide includes sales engineers, field consultants, advanced services specialists, and customers who want to deploy a virtualized infrastructure using Dell EMC engineered solutions.

This guide is also provided for those responsible for managing AMP-VX, including the system administrator and Dell EMC personnel responsible for the remote management of AMP-VX.

For these tasks, this guide assumes that the person administering AMP-VX has troubleshooting skills and is familiar with:
  • VMware vSAN technologies
  • AMP-VX concepts and terminology

The Glossary provides terms, definitions, and acronyms related to Converged Systems.