NSX Intelligence

NSX Intelligence is a distributed analytics engine that is built into VMware NSX-T Data Center to provide continuous data center-wide visibility for network and application security teams. NSX Intelligence helps those teams deliver a more granular and dynamic security posture, simplify compliance analysis, and streamline security operations.

For more information around using NSX Intelligence, use the following Using and Managing VMware NSX Intelligence document link:

Using and Managing VMware NSX Intelligence

A small appliance size can be used for lab or proof-of-concept environment, or a small-scale production environment. A large appliance size is for a large-scale production environment. See the following table for additional information:

Small appliance Large appliance
16 vCPU 32 vCPU
64 GB RAM 128 GB RAM
2 TB storage 2 TB storage

NSX-T Data Center Enterprise Plus license is required for NSX Intelligence.