Data Domain Standalone

In a converged environment where backups using Avamar, NetWorker, or ProtectPoint are not wanted, the alternative is Data Domain Standalone.

Data Domain Standalone offers Data Domain without the requirement of Avamar, NetWorker, or ProtectPoint. When integrated with a Converged System, Dell EMC recommends that Data Domain uses a Data Domain virtual Ethernet interface and LACP for IP network connectivity, except the DD3300. For Data Domain systems that do not support LACP, such as the DD3300, use IFGROUPS to provide for load balancing across two 10GbE interfaces. It also introduces support for Data Domain Boost over Fibre Channel with the addition of 8 Gb or 16 Gb Fibre Channel IO modules. The use cases for this solution are as follows:
  • Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications (Dell EMC supported)
    • Backup using Data Domain Boost over IP
    • Backup using Data Domain Boost over FC
  • Third-party application Native Backup Utilities (Compatible but not Dell EMC supported). See the Avamar, Data Domain, DDBEA, NetWorker and ProtectPoint Compatibility Guide for a list of compatible applications.
    • Backup to Data Domain CIFS or NFS Share
    • Microsoft SQL Management Studio
    • Oracle RMAN
    • Other third-party applications that include a native backup utility with the ability to backup to disk (CIFS\NFS)