Dell EMC VxRack™ FLEX Architecture Overview

This document describes the high-level design of the VxRack FLEX. This document also describes the hardware and software components that Dell EMC includes in each VxRack FLEX.

VxRack FLEX supports hyper-converged or two-layer deployments.

Hyper-converged deployments include compute and storage resources that are shared between each other.

Two-layer deployments separate the front-end (host) and back-end (storage) data traffic and also:
  • Segregate the rebuild and rebalance of traffic from customer workloads
  • Reboot VMware cluster nodes without VxFlex OS ramifications
  • Expand storage or compute resources independently

The target audience for this document includes sales engineers, field consultants, advanced services specialists, and customers who want to deploy a virtualized infrastructure using VxRack FLEX.

References to VxFlex Manager in this document apply only if you have a licensed version of VxFlex Manager. For more information, contact Dell EMC Sales.

Dell EMC ScaleIO is now referred to as Dell EMC VxFlex OS. References in the documentation and software will be updated over time.

See the Glossary for a description of terms specific to Converged Systems.