System features

VxFlex integrated rack is a modular hyperconverged platform that enables extreme scalability and flexibility for next-generation cloud applications and mixed workloads.

VxFlex integrated rack is designed for deployments involving large numbers of VMs and users. It provides the following features:

  • Integrated scalable network architecture with a choice of the following:

    • Topologies depending on scalability needs could be a leaf-spine or aggregation and access architecture.

    • Hardware can be either Cisco and Dell EMC Networking switches.

    • Bandwidth depending on the customer needs.

  • Complete flexibility in designing the converged system with the following options:

    • VxFlex hyperconverged nodes

    • VxFlex storage-only nodes

    • VxFlex compute-only nodes

  • NSX-T ready

  • Secure and scalable storage using VxFlex OS

    • Seamlessly increase storage capacity or performance with horizontal node scaling.
    • Optional data compression feature that improves storage efficiency.
    • Optional Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE) feature provides data security using CloudLink as a software encryption layer, or as a key manager for self-encrypting drives.
    • Security and encryption