VxRack FLEX deployment options overview

VxRack FLEX has various options for deployment.

Note: Two-layer and hyper-converged deployments are supported on VxRack FLEX, but are mutually exclusive.


The VxRack FLEX two-layer deployment is defined as the separation of the front-end (host) and back-end (storage) data traffic. This deployment is implemented through a two-layer architecture that supports the VxFlex OS software, which is the core component of the architecture.

VxRack FLEX two-layer architecture enables the following:
  • Compute Only and Storage Only nodes
  • Independent expansion of storage or compute resources
  • Client and storage travel on separate dedicated VLANs/NICs
  • SDC to SDS have a dedicated pair of VLANs/NICs
  • SDS to SDS have a dedicated pair of VLANs/NICs


The VxRack FLEX hyper-converged deployment enables the following:
  • Hyper-converged and storage only nodes
  • Both client and storage traffic travel on the same VLANs/NICs
  • Both SDC to SDS and SDS to SDS traffic use the same network (classic VxRack FLEX)