Gathering logs from the Cisco Nexus network for troubleshooting

It is important to export the technical support file from your Cisco Nexus switch before attempting to troubleshoot the switch or contact Dell EMC Support.

About this task

Use the show tech-support command to obtain the technical support file from your Cisco Nexus switch, which contains log output and a snapshot of the switch at the time of failure.


  1. Open an SSH session with the Cisco Nexus switch using PuTTy or a similar SSH client.
  2. Log in with admin or other credentials with privileges to run show tech-support.
  3. Right-click the menu bar and select Change Settings… and enter the following information:
    • Session logging: select All session output
    • Log file name: putty.log
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Cisco NX-OS CLI, type the following:
    show tech-support details | no-more
    show tech-support vpc | no-more
    show process cpu history | no-more