Revision history

Date Document revision Description of changes
April 2020 7.0
  • Added content on VxFlex Manager Users to the Configuring VxFlex Manager section.
  • Added support for 100 GB leaf-spine networks.
  • Updated content for CloudLink.
January 2020 6.0
  • Added content for VxFlex Manager alerting, including removal of OpenManage Enterprise dependency
  • Updated the VxFlex ManagerInstallation prerequisites topic with the resource requirements to install VxFlex Manager.
  • Added content for VxFlex compute-only nodes based on Windows Server 2016.
  • Added content for NVMe on VxFlex storage-only nodes and VxFlex hyperconverged nodes
  • Added content for NVDIMMs on VxFlex hyperconverged nodes and VxFlex storage-only nodes
  • Added content for Dell EMC Networking switches.
  • Added content for spine scale support for more than 500 nodes
  • Added content for storage-only VxFlex integrated rack
  • Updated the VxFlex integrated rack password management section to include a topic on Updating passwords in VxFlex Manager.
  • Updated the Changing the default admin MDM password topic to include the command to change the MDM password on the VxFlex OS Gateway
  • Added support for CloudLink
July 2019 5.0 Added content for:
  • VxFlex integrated rack VLAN EVPN leaf-spine configuration
  • Managing components with VxFlex Manager
  • Monitoring system health
  • Configuring SNMP trap and syslog forwarding
  • Installing VxFlex Manager
  • Configuring the OS installation (PXE) network
  • Configuring VxFlex Manager
  • Enabling remote access to the VxFlex Manager VM

Added section on VxFlex integrated rack password management (previously located in the VxFlex Integrated Rack Security Configuration Guide)

Updated Backing up and restoring using VxFlex Manager content

Updated Monitoring and alerting using Secure Remote Services content

Updated Adding a VxFlex storage-only node with a NVMe disk to VxFlex OS content

January 2019 4.0
  • Added support for the two-layer deployment
  • Added support for Red Hat Virtualization
  • Added support for NVMe drives
  • Added information for Power On and Power Off
August 2018 3.0
  • Added VxFlex Manager
  • Major revisions for 14th generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers
  • Revisions for VxFlex OS
April 2018 2.0 Major revisions and additions in compute, network, storage, and management administrative tasks for 13th generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deployments
June 2017 1.3 Minor updates for GA release
April 2017 1.2 Added Configuring system monitoring for the VxRack server
October 2016 1.1
  • Updated management software information
  • Updated to support ScaleIO 2.0
  • Updated product name
  • Added Configuring the baseboard management controller to send SNMP alerts
July 2016 1.0 Initial release