Dell EMC VxFlex Integrated Rack Administration Guide

This guide provides procedures for administering VxFlex integrated rack.

It provides the following information:
  • Monitoring system health
  • Configuring and viewing alerts, including configuring SNMP trap and syslog forwarding
  • Managing components with VxFlex Manager
  • Administering the operating system, network, and storage
  • Backing up and restoring
  • Powering on and off
  • Managing VxFlex integrated rack component passwords

If you need to install VxFlex Manager, see Installing and configuring VxFlex Manager.

This guide also provides links to additional documentation on common administrative tasks for:
  • VxFlex OS
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge servers
  • VMware vSphere Web Client
  • Red Hat Virtualization Manager

Dell EMC VxFlex integrated rack was previously known as Dell EMC VxRack FLEX. Similarly, Dell EMC VxFlex OS was previously known as Dell EMC ScaleIO. References in the documentation will be updated over time.

References to VxFlex Manager in this document apply only if you have a licensed version of VxFlex Manager. For more information, contact Dell EMC Sales.

VxFlex Manager provides the management and orchestration functionality for VxFlex integrated systems. If your system uses Vision Intelligent Operations software, work with your Dell EMC sales team to obtain a VxFlex Manager license.

VxFlex integrated rack architecture is based on Dell EMC PowerEdge R640, R740xd, and R840 servers.

See the Glossary for terms, definitions, and acronyms.