Manage approved networks for machine groups

When a machine starts up, its IP address is checked against a list of approved networks (or approved IP addresses) for its machine group. If the IP address of the machine belongs to an approved network for the group and all key release policies are met, the machine is allowed to start. For more information, see CloudLink key release policies.

Each approved network is assigned a unique name, which allows approved networks to be reused across machine groups. For example, you might create an approved network named CloudLink Lab and select that name to easily specify it as an approved network for machine groups.

If a machine starts up and its IP address does not belong to an approved network for the group, the machine is put in the pending state.

There is one circumstance in which a machine can automatically start if its IP address does not belong to an approved network. On initial startup following deployment of CloudLink Agent, CloudLink Center allows the machine to go directly to the connected state. However, if the machine is restarted, CloudLink Center puts it in the pending state.

CloudLink Center supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for specifying IP addresses for approved networks.