Install the redirect application

Use this procedure to install the redirect application.

About this task

In some circumstances, a machine registered with CloudLink Center may not be able to start up because the machine is unable to connect to CloudLink Center. For example, this situation occurs if the IP address of CloudLink Center changes and DNS is not configured for CloudLink Center. The IP address for CloudLink Center may change if a CloudLink Center server was replaced. The IP address may also change if CloudLink Center has been deployed in a cloud environment. The public IP address of a machine may change when it is shut down and restarted. A new IP address is typically assigned from the same subnet as the previous address.

When a machine loses its connection to CloudLink Center, CloudLink Agent scans its subnet (/24 mask) to locate CloudLink Center by hostname on port 1194. If CloudLink Center is found, CloudLink Agent reconnects automatically and updates its configuration with the current connection information for CloudLink Center.

If CloudLink Agent cannot find CloudLink Center, it scans the same subnet for a Ubuntu server that is running CloudLink’s Redirect application. When contacted by a CloudLink Agent, this application sends CloudLink Agent to the active CloudLink Center server. The machine’s configuration is updated with the current connection information for this CloudLink Center.


  1. On the Ubuntu server, enter the following:
    wget http://clc_address/cloudlink/securevm/agenttools
  2. Type the following:
    chmod +x agenttools
  3. Run the Redirect application by typing:
  4. Type 1 to select Recovery.

    Type the IP address of the active CloudLink Center server.


After installation, the Redirect application runs as a console application, displaying a message each time it redirects a machine.

Machines are redirected to the new CloudLink Center to restart. However, the machine is assigned the disconnected state in CloudLink Center. You must manually change the CloudLink Center server address on the machine. For more information, see Change the CloudLink Center IP address.