Send test SNMP trap in CloudLink Center

Use this procedure to test your SNMP configuration to ensure that the target receives SNMP traps from CloudLink Center.

About this task

Following traps are sent from CloudLink Center:
  • alarmUpTrap when a new alarm is raised on the CloudLink Center server.
  • alarmDownTrap when the cause of the alarm is corrected or removed.

The information about the CloudLink alarm is contained in the alarmUpTrap, and the alarm identifier is contained in the alarmDownTrap.

You can use the clAlarmId for unique value for each alarm instance to track the raising and lowering of a specific alarm on the CloudLink Center server.


  1. Log in to CloudLink Center.
  2. Click Server > SNMP > Send Test Trap.
  3. In the Confirm Sending Test SNMP Trap dialog box, when prompted to confirm the request, click Send.