Encrypt a volume

By using CloudLink Center, you can encrypt system partitions or data volumes.

The following Linux system partitions are automatically encrypted or decrypted with the / partition:

  • /
  • /bin
  • /sbin
  • /root
  • /lib
  • /var
  • /usr
  • /usr/local
  • /initrd
  • /tmp
  • /home
  • /opt
WARNING: If at least one system partition is encrypted by CloudLink 6.7 or earlier, you cannot encrypt an individual system partition. You must first decrypt all system partitions, then encrypt / , to encrypt all system partitions at once.

If more than one volume on the machine is unencrypted, select the one that you want to encrypt. You can encrypt only one volume at a time.

For Linux machines, CloudLink encrypts using dm-crypt. The device must be mounted. CloudLink Center first unmounts the mount point. If files are open, an error occurs and the encryption does not occur.

When encryption is completed, CloudLink Center restarts the machine.