PowerOne sample use cases

PowerOne is ideally suited to host a wide variety of business workloads. Some sample uses are described in this chapter.

Data center and workload consolidation and modernization

One common and effective IT strategy is to consolidate different workloads, with common or diverse performance requirements, in the same infrastructure assets. This consolidation strategy reduces infrastructure costs, saves space and power, and optimizes management efforts.

For this consolidation strategy to be effective, the infrastructure needs to provide ample flexibility in terms of scalability and performance, as well as provide attractive cost profiles for every workload. PowerOne is an example of a highly scalable and automated system, able to host workloads with a wide range of performance, availability, and scalability requirements.

With the highly scalable family of PowerEdge MX7000 servers, PowerMax or Dell EMC Unity XT storage systems, PowerOne can incorporate the infrastructure elements needed to host almost any type of workload, including high performance databases, dense virtualized environments, modern and mission-critical applications—all in the same platform. The storage solution in PowerOne can be PowerMax or Dell EMC Unity XT.

In PowerOne, the rich set of data, security, and availability services are a key element necessary for data center consolidation strategies, because different workloads will have different needs in terms of data services, security, and availability of requirements.

Build a private cloud

PowerOne is the perfect platform choice for building a private cloud because it provides:

  • Flexible infrastructure options that can match any virtualized workload needs in the compute, storage, and network domains.
  • Design and engineering as a VMware vSphere platform with cloud management and operations integration.
  • Highly automated operations that conform to a true cloud-ready infrastructure.

Running business-critical applications

The PowerOne is designed to provide the scalability, operations automation, security, and richness of services that business-critical applications require.

Whether it is a core banking function, the most critical ERP system, or the company billing platform, PowerOne offers the availability and performance requirements to match any business need. With the latest Intel CPUs in the densest compute chassis, the highest performing all-flash storage arrays, the leading virtualization platform, and the latest networking technology from Dell EMC, PowerOne is the best candidate to run any business-critical application.

Application-specific use case

The flexible configuration options of PowerOne allow you to build the specific platform setup you need to match an application or market's vertical requirements.

PowerOne can provide an efficient, highly available, and high-performing platform for:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Service Providers