Revision history

Date Document revision Description of changes
November 2020 1.4

Updated the PowerMax information to include the 32 Gb FC SLIC details.

Updated the NSX-T and NSX-V versions in the section VVD logical configuration.

Added the sections:
  • PowerOne RBAC
  • Integrating PowerOne with Active Directory
June 2020 1.3 Added the following sections on Dell EMC Unity XT:
  • Dell EMC Unity XT in PowerOne Storage resources
  • Dell EMC Unity XT in PowerOne Storage
Updated the following sections:
  • PowerOne software upgrades
  • Component states

Changed the title of the section VMware validated considerations to VVD logical configuration and added additional information about NSX-V and NSX-T.

March 2020 1.2

Updated PowerOne overview , PowerEdge MX740c compute sled , and Compute minimums and maximums sections to support vSAN ready nodes.

December 2019 1.1 Updated the section PowerOne API and PowerOne Navigator with the Navigator dashboard information.
November 2019 1.0 Initial release.