Dell EMC PowerOne System Technical Overview

This document provides a technical overview of PowerOne. It introduces the hardware, software, and concepts on which the overall system is built. The target audience for this document includes customers, sales engineers, field consultants, and advanced services specialists.

Traditional approaches to building, operating, and maintaining data center technology, with fragmented technology silos and vendors, are no longer effective in meeting the growing needs of a modern digitally fueled enterprise. A new approach to IT and data center infrastructure is required: one founded on modern principles of operational simplicity, integration, and automation.

The Dell EMC PowerOne System is specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern, digitally driven organization. PowerOne represents the autonomous infrastructure system and Dell Technologies Cloud (DTC) solution built exclusively with industry-leading Dell EMC products. Although PowerOne consists of independently available components (server, storage, networking, and software), it is engineered, manufactured, managed, and supported as a single product. The Dell EMC factory team expertly assemble, integrate, and tune your system based on industry best practices before delivery, and then refine it to your exact specifications on-site.

PowerOne architecture enables asymmetrical scaling that allows you to invest only in the required resources to scale compute or storage capacity and performance independently. For example, you can reduce or increase compute and storage resources independently of each other, according to your needs. This can result in substantial cost avoidance (in hardware and software licensing) compared to more rigid (symmetrical scaling) architectural alternatives.

The highly available PowerOne Controller is the core of the system, which is designed to remove operational complexity. The PowerOne Controller provides a single system administrative experience through its centralized intelligent automation capability. This technology has been designed exclusively for PowerOne.

Unlike traditional approaches to system management and automation, the PowerOne Controller is not a tool to build, maintain, and operate your own custom-built automation. Instead, it comes out of the box with preembedded automation, enabling you to orchestrate the components of PowerOne based on administrative direction. This paradigm shift from tool to declarative controller enhances operational efficiency, simplicity, and agility. The PowerOne Controller helps you to avoid the manual burden of researching, qualifying, and running many procedures and integrations that often represent the largest cost of running a data center.

As the orchestration layer for PowerOne, the PowerOne Controller exposes its full capability through an Application Programming Interface (API) for business process integration and on-premise cloud-like operations. In addition, PowerOne includes a modern and intuitive user interface (PowerOne Navigator) for PowerOne operations.