PowerOne operational value

Based on your user-defined goals, PowerOne delivers intelligent automation that matches these goals to available resources and configures the system to best meet those goals.

The benefits of PowerOne are:

  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by automating routine operations that are associated with enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Accelerates time to value for production workloads by reducing the time from purchasing the system to production readiness
  • Reduces operational risk by focusing human inputs towards goals and automating the configuration that meets the requirements of those goals
  • Reduces stranded components, by driving up their utilization, providing a better Return On Investment (ROI), and eliminating the risk associated with moving underused assets to other services
  • Provides continuous configuration validation and life cycle management for all hardware and software components
  • Reduces operational risk and downtime with monitoring and alerting, including call home for all components

PowerOne provides the ease-of-use of a public cloud experience, while retaining the control, safety, and optimization of an on-premises system, by:

  • Avoiding latency issues.
  • Detecting potential cost overruns and underuse of resources.