Upgrade PowerOne

PowerOne uses a dynamic update approach that is based on the VMware Validated Design (VVD) releases.

As Dell releases new VVD versions, those updates, along with associated firmware, drivers, and software components, are tested against PowerOne. The resulting tested hypervisor, firmware, drivers, and software are assembled into a bundle that is tied to the VVD release. The bundles are made available to update the vSphere Management Cluster and CRGs. The bundles are applied intelligently when you choose to update a vSphere Management Cluster or CRG, or create a CRG in PowerOne Navigator. Updates to CRGs depend on the bundle that is applied to the vSphere Management cluster. To upgrade a CRG in Navigator, contact Dell EMC Support.

Consult Dell EMC Support to update firmware and drivers outside of Navigator. Confirm that the patches conform with the system standards and obtain the necessary procedures.

PowerOne includes blacklist functionality to alert you if any firmware versions are not allowed due to deprecation or high impact security issues. PowerOne engineering periodically updates these blacklists.