Component states

A component state represents the logical status of a component that is required for various operations in the PowerOne Navigator. PowerOne uses component states to prompt you to take necessary action before the component can be considered for any operation.

The component states are broadly classified as follows:
A component is in a New state when it is newly discovered. The component is not available for use in PowerOne as it requires more configuration before it can participate in automated operations.
In Service
A component is in service when it is configured and available for use in a Cluster Resource Group (CRG).
Out of Service
A component is out of service when it is temporarily uninstalled from the autonomous operations model for support interventions. No further autonomous operations can occur until the component has been returned to service in PowerOne.
Requires Attention
A component requires attention when it encounters any of the following errors:
  • Incorrect Credentials: The component is in an error state, as PowerOne does not have the correct credentials to perform the automated operations. To move the component to In service state, update the changed component credentials in PowerOne. See Managing component credentials.
  • Invalid Configuration:
    • A component is in Invalid Configuration state due to system standards when you have changed the configuration on the component. Revert the settings to move the component to in service.
    • A component has an invalid configuration when it is not compliant with the supported set of configurations. Upgrade or downgrade the firmware to move the component to in service.
  • Connection Error: A component has connection error when PowerOne is unable to connect to the component on the PowerOne Management Network. To move the component to In Service state, log in to the Element Manager of the component to resolve the error.
Manual Mode
A component is in manual mode when it is excluded from the PowerOne autonomous operations model for use in manually configured platform outcomes. To move the component to in service, click Set to In Service on the inventory screen in PowerOne Navigator.