Dell EMC PowerFlex Manager API Guide Version 3

The target audience for this document includes programmers responsible for integrating third-party software with PowerFlex Manager. It is possible to integrate PowerFlex Manager with any custom UI or access it through programs for an enhanced automation experience. This document describes how to use these APIs with appropriate examples.

It is assumed that you are familiar with REST, and programmatic interaction with REST APIs. Any programming languages can be used with these APIs. However, the code examples that are contained in this guide are written in Ruby. XML is also used extensively for these examples.

The available REST methods are explained in Appendix A - API reference.

Most of the REST methods exchange complex data models within the HTTP requests and responses. Depending on the preference, these data models are represented as either XML or JSON. The model structure is contained in Appendix B - Model reference.

PowerFlex Manager provides the management and orchestration functionality for PowerFlex rack. References to PowerFlex Manager in this document apply only if you have a licensed version of PowerFlex Manager. For more information, contact Dell EMC Sales. If your system uses Vision Intelligent Operations software, work with your Dell EMC sales team to obtain a PowerFlex Manager license.

Dell EMC PowerFlex Manager was previously known as Dell EMC VxFlex Manager. Similarly, Dell EMC PowerFlex was previously known as Dell EMC VxFlex OS. References in the documentation will be updated over time.

See the Glossary for terms, definitions, and acronyms.