Getting Started with the Technical Resource Center

The Technical Resource Center is an intelligent content delivery platform that provides all Converged Platforms and Solutions technical content in a centralized, easy-to-access environment for customers, partners, and employees. A range of features have been provided to allow you to search and organize content.

Searching for content

You can search the Technical Resource Center using keywords, metadata filters, or you can use navigation tiles to progressively narrow your search. After locating your content, you can add it to your personal library, My Docs. You can order, refine, save, and print content in My Docs.


Add search terms to find content that matches your terms. The search results display topics that contain one or more of your search terms.

If your search string contains multiple keywords, enclose the search string in quotation marks ("). This ensures that only topics that contain the full search string are returned. For example, if you search for "Vblock System 340", the search is limited to topics that contain all of the terms Vblock, System, and 340. If you do not enclose the search string in quotation marks, the search returns all topics containing each of the keywords in the search string.

To refine your search, add a filter from the Filters list.

Use filters to search for topics and documents that have been tagged with specific metadata. Filters allow you to quickly refine your search to meet your exact requirements. While a keyword Search returns topics containing words or phrases, the metadata search is more accurate as it searches for topics that have been tagged with specific metadata listed in the filters.

The Filters list includes an option to refine your search so that the search results list the documents specific to your search criteria rather than topics. Select the Documents Only filter to limit your search to the title and summary of publications.

Search button Click Search to initiate the search for the keywords and filters you selected.
Navigation tiles Click a tile to navigate to content for a specific product, service, or solution. Continue to click tiles to narrow your search until you are presented with a list of the publications specific to the product or service that you selected.
MyDocs Use MyDocs to create a library of content specific to your needs. Add topics from any document and reorder topics as required. To add content to your My Docs library, open the topic within the Publication view and click My Docs.
Recent Updates The Recent Updates panel displays an alphabetical listing of the most recent document updates and additions to the Technical Resource Center.
Getting Started The Getting Started panel lists content that is focused on users new to Converged Systems and new users of the Technical Resource Center.
Logging out Click the arrow next to your name to display the Logout option. Make sure that you log out after each session. Close your browser after clicking Logout to complete the operation.
GO TO links The GO TO link provides quick access to CPSD web sites and portals.
Contact Us Click the Contact Us link to provide feedback to the Techical Resource Center development team. When you click the link, an email is created allowing you to provide your feedback.